2020 Australian GP

Witness the 2020 Australian Grand Prix Thru Red Rock Travel

By Eleazar Gonzales

Whether you like it or not, the Formula 1 2020 Season is almost at hand with the season-opener, the Australian Grand Prix, happening from March 12 to 15, 2020. And for those who doesn’t know, this will be the 25th time that Melbourne will be hosting a Grand Prix so technically, it’s a silver anniversary celebration. Now, events this big can be hectic and sometimes, a little bit problematic especially for those who will be attending the event for the first time. Like, how much are they going to spend? Is it even worth it?

For F1 fans, seeing a Grand Prix live is the dream. But for us here at Red Rock Travel, it’s indeed our passion to make that dream a reality for you. We can help you get there without the need to break your entire life savings.

This Year’s Package

If there’s one thing that makes Red Rock Travel different from the rest of the field, it’s the fact that we’re basically fans of F1 too so we know what will make seeing a live Grand Prix more than just a dream.

Now, for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix, we’re offering multiple deals that will fit your need a nice viewing experience. And more. Let me begin by saying that if you’re worried about getting Australian tourist visa, we can help you with that. It’s included in our package. In this package, we have two hotels to choose from: Hotel Ibis Threrry St. which is situated along Therry St., and Ibis Hotel Little Bourke which is located along Little Bourke St. Now, for those who will choose to stay at Hotel Ibis Therry St., they will have to spend 1,858 US Dollars if he/she’s alone or, 1,337 US Dollars per pax if there are two or more person. For Ibis Hotel Little Bourke, 1,666 US Dollars for single or 1,240 US Dollars per pax if there are two of you coming into the race. Or more.

Aside from assisting you in applying for an Australian Visa, the mentioned rates above will also include the following:

  • A 6-day, 5-night hotel accommodation for the mentioned hotels
  • Roundtrip travel from Melbourne airport to the airport and vice versa
  • Myki-pass reusable smart card which can be used when taking public transportation in Melbourne
  • 4-day pass at the Fangio Grandstand which can give F1 fans unparalleled viewing experience

Important Notes

Please take note that the roundtrip airfare from Manila to Melbourne isn’t included in the package but we can make you a deal that will include the airfare. Please do contact us for more questions regarding the airfare.

Also, we can also include a tour around the beautiful city of Melbourne. Or perhaps, you would want to see the Penguin parade or even visit the Yarra Winery. Experience Melbourne to the fullest with us and you won’t regret it.

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