About Us

Red Rock Travel, a boutique travel agency with business address in Quezon City, Philippines  has been in operations since 2006.

Red Rock has specialized in providing gearheads, travel packages for various international motor sports disciplines.  Such the pinnacle of motorsports the Formula 1 Grand Prix; and the fastest two wheeled race, MotoGP.

Red Rock has since expanded its offerings,  by adding Grand Slam Tennis packages ( Australian Open,  Wimbledon,  US Open), and since 2018, has provided ticketing and travel packages for the rabid NBA fan. Basketball crazy Filipinos can choose to watch the games from the Chase Center, Staples center, and The Madison Square Garden.

Sports fans can avail of the full travel experience specially curated our team, or, has the option to  purchase stand alone international sporting event tickets.

This is not to say that The Red Rock team only handles special events; we are a full service, accredited travel agency. We handle outbound corporate trips, individual holiday travels, visa assistance, passporting and a travel insurance provider.

Our Team


Began his passion for motor sports by watching George Michael sports Machine and ESPN. The opening of the Sepang International Circuit in 1999, fueled his desire to watch Formula 1, Live.
William started RRT with the notion of bringing Filipinos to catch the pinnacle of motor sports


Gigi has been heading all outbound tours red rock has on offer, an avid traveler, Gigi has reached more countries than anyone else in the office, and it seems there is no stopping her wanderlust


as director of motor sports tours, Norman has been to every race that red rock offers, and as a rabid NBA and NFL fan, he now will take the lead in all other sports offerings of the company.


Rebecca spent most her adult life with the nations flag carrier, and, after deciding to clip her wings, she decided to stay "grounded" and be the product designer, marketing manager of Red Rock Travel


the workhorse of the agency, christopher is the go to person for all things legal; he can liaise with all concerned agencies and embassies with ease


With a passion for computer technology, Emilio, now heads web and product development of Red Rock Travel


The youngest in the group, Jaime has set his sights on taking the company to greater heights in the coming decades, As early as now, he has taken to the internal workings of the company like a duck to water. Jaime, along with Emilio has taken role of developing all new products for Red Rock Travel.